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Do you know we offer a Complimentary Pick-Up & Drop-Off Service within 10km of Malaga? Call Us to Enquire!
Do you know we offer a Complimentary Pick-Up & Drop-Off Service within 10km of Malaga? Call Us to Enquire!

General Servicing

AutoKing recommends a regular car servicing routine. Each and every car that gets a service in our workshop undergoes the following safety and component checks. 

At AutoKing, we have the expertise to carry out vehicle servicing in adherence to manufacturer’s specifications and maintain your log book schedule. All vehicle makes and models are accepted.

How often do you need a service?

We recommend you have a minor service every 10,000 km's or periodically to prevent your vehicle from premature wear which in turn generates large repair bills. Prevention is the best cure and so following a maintenance schedule that gives your vehicle the attention it needs for everyday tasks is a must. 

The basic necessity here is an oil change, but it provides an opportunity for your mechanic to check other vital signs, as well as the condition of your tyres and brakes, which are critical for safety.

The most reliable resource for your car’s regular service timing is its logbook, which is usually found in the glovebox. 

What types of services are there?

There are two main types of service: minor and major. The time between major services are long, and there are usually one or two minor services in between them. To ensure longevity of your vehicle, this pattern should be continued.

Minor Service:

  • General inspection (fluids, belts, hoses and brakes)

  • Engine oil and oil filter change

  • Tyre check and rotation

  • Battery test

  • Air and fuel filter check 

Major Service:

Major Servicing includes all minor service inspections, plus:

  • Engine check

  • Air-conditioner filter check

  • Coolant flush

  • Brake fluid and brakes check

  • Lights check

  • Repack wheel bearings

  • Full-vehicle inspection and correction of any issues

  • Tuning if necessary

  • Suspension check

  • Spark plug replacement

  • Transmission service

  • Wheel alignment

  • Windscreen wiper replacement

Please don’t hesitate in contacting us to see how we can help you save time and money in maintaining your vehicle today.